Monday, December 30, 2019

Christmas walks

I have started dealing with too much noise/people at Christmas by going for walks down to the creek midafternoon.  This is also a useful way to walk off some of lunch.  My gramma's place is on one end of an 80-acre plot; the woods you see in the first picture are the other end.

Big Creek was a glacial run-off tributary to the Wabash; it does not have a Wikipedia entry of its own, but it was probably related to the Illinoian glaciation. (There's a book from 1899 if you really want to deep-dive on glacial deposits.)

Anyway, this plot of land (the field to the right and the homestead and woods bookending it) has been in the family probably since the middle of the 1800s - one day I'll poke around to see if it goes back to the 1840s or just the next generation.

The field isn't much to look at, especially in the winter, but it's there and it does field stuff.  The road we're walking on is actually a county road, but the bridge has been gone for more than thirty years now, so they don't really do much with it.

View from the end of the lane

See, bridge gone.  I have the vaguest memories of it existing but I don't know if that's just from seeing pictures of it.  Grampa walked down here with us once when I was a kid to shoot at garbage on the far bank.

Big Creek, where the bridge fell in

Here's the woods from the other side.  The field in the foreground doesn't belong to my family.

View from the creek
It was much less muddy this year than on previous walks, but there were lots of tracks!  I did some Googling for an easy tracks identification guide and found one on... a hiking goods website?  But it seems legit when compared with similar guides.

Here's what we saw evidence of:

Probably turkey (these are big - I thought maybe heron but no back claw)
Maybe skunk?
Dog or coyote
Probably raccoon
Probably raccoon

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