Saturday, July 8, 2017


So we've lived in this house for about six and a half years, which is long enough that I know like 80% of what I want to change about it.

Number one on the practical list right now is kitchen storage.  We've got cabinets along one wall of the kitchen, and it's a decently sized kitchen, so it's not like that's nothing, but I've still got a set of shelves and a cabinet in the dining room with kitchen appliances.  The kitchen table is serving as supplemental storage, and we've got a dining room (/library/craft room), so we don't need the kitchen table for dining space.

So I'm planning an island.  I've been mapping out possible layouts, what kind of storage options we want, footprints.  Electrical is pretty much out - that would be an electrician and permits and inspections, or even just repurposing the deck line we're not using would require cutting through tile.  Overall it wouldn't be worth it for the work involved.

Once it's done, I should be able to move all the kitchen stuff from the dining room into the kitchen, repurpose the cabinet in the dining room for a bathroom closet (towels, etc.) that the bathroom currently lacks, and possible consolidate two small shelf units in the living room into the larger one... after we get rid of the couch.

I may need a flowchart.

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