Friday, August 28, 2020

Something new from the garden!

The first summer after we moved into the house, I planted a grapevine along the back fence.  That was 2011.  This year, for the first time:

green grapes straight off the vine

That is approximately six quarts of some kind of green wine grape.  After picking out all the ones the bugs got to first, there were about four quarts of good grapes left.

Yesterday, I measured out about enough for juice for jelly.

green grapes in the pot for juice preparation

The seeds make it pretty clear that these are not table grapes:

cooked grapes with seeds

At this point they smelled like grapes!  Somehow that made it more real.  Four cups of juice plus seven cups of sugar plus a packet of liquid pectin:

juice & sugar in a pot on the stove

I got a bit over eight half-pints.  They look like cider jelly:

green grape jelly in jars

It's a good thing we got English muffins at the grocery, because I have not had time to make any with tomato season being on.  (See the stove in the first picture, haha.  So far I've done ketchup, two batches of salsa, and one of sauce.  This weekend will be tomato paste.)

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