Monday, September 21, 2020

Another corn update

So when I was taking down the tomato plants this weekend, I noticed that something had started stripping ears in the corn patch.  I'm assuming it's squirrels, but I've got some blue jays that show up sometimes that I wouldn't put it past either.  Anyway, I've started grabbing ears as the plants dry.

multi-colored glass gem popcorn on a screen to dry

You can see from some of the mono-color-dominated ears that I didn't mix the seed colors up too well when I was planting - I apparently clustered some red and blue.  There are a few great mixed ears, though, and some really pretty pastel ones.  I will definitely be planting this again next year (even if we don't eat that much popcorn or if I fail to dry it correctly to make it pop) because it's fun to shuck and find out what color it is.

When I was a kid sometimes we would shuck sweet corn for my grandmother, and when we'd find bugs or something, we'd generally panic and throw the ear back into the field.  You may be pleased to know that I still do that.

If you want to try growing your own glass gem popcorn, here's where I got the seeds:

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