Friday, June 24, 2022

June updates

So after a month of not doing anything with the geography after doing a 100% completion 3 days in a row (so no practice, no review), recall for countries was 99% and for capitals 83%.  Not bad!  I should probably decrease the testing interval to help with retention.  Countries are easier because I can use spatial memory to help with them.

Also I need to learn Turkey's new name.

Garden is coming along.  I have some extra random sunflowers, probably related to squirrels.  The radishes have all been harvested, and the corn's had its first round of nitrogen fertilizer.

Garden ca. late June


We lost all the pond fish this winter with the dramatic temperature swings, so after cleaning up the vines that were sucking all the water out of the pond, we got some new fish.  Last time we got two koi and four comets; this time we got four of each.  We had about thirty fish in the pond before, so hopefully in a year or two we'll see them start to multiply.

New baby fishes

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