Saturday, November 26, 2022

Dragonflight Transmogs

So when I found out that tauren would be able to be mages in Dragonflight, I knew what I was finally going to do with my orc mage: orc no more!

And then I found out that the dragon wings from the edition I bought worked out really well with mage transmog.

Jezdana, tauren mage

But I have more tauren, and there are four more dragon flights' worth of wing transmogs.

I initially though to change my mage's transmog to the blue flight, because blue dragons = arcane magic and whatnot.  But none of the blue cloth I have works with them, so the mage is keeping the red flight.  Then I thought maybe my druid's transmog would work with it, since it's already blue, but that didn't match, either... nor did any of the blue leather I had.  So even through the green wings slotted in perfectly with the emerald plate transmog my paladin had going... paladin gets the blue flight wings.

Dawning, tauren paladin

It's not even a perfect option with plate; I'm matching on the pink accent color for most of it.  The one whose transmog did slot in perfectly with one of the flights was my death knight, who got the bronze flight's wings.

Greenmoo, tauren death knight

I've had the yellow/blue/shovel transmog going on her for a while.  The death knight wasn't even on my original plans for leveling in dragonflight, until I leveled my fighter and my paladin for their professions and realized I don't like either of their tank specs anymore.  (The fighter I feel like I don't know what I'm doing anymore, and that paladin just feels boring to me.)

Since blue didn't work for the druid, she got the green wings, which seemed thematically appropriate (and she got such a sassy looking screenshot from the login screen).  I've got enough versions of G'hanir to pull together something and still get my flower puddles.  (You may note that I never even considered tanking on my druid; I no longer prefer druid healing to priest healing as of the talent revamp, but I still prefer it for my druid.)

Jezda, tauren druid

 That left me the wings for the black dragon flight, and two remaining taurens that I will play regularly during the expansion: my hunter and my bank alt.  My hunter has been using the same transmog (with occaional exceptions) since... at least 2016?  I'm loath to mess with it too much.  My shaman gets the mail transmog swaps.  So, bank alt it was!  Cloak happens to be the only transmoggable slot she's got right now; I may pop some heirlooms on her so I can put her back in the tux I used to have her kitted out in.

Rainwatcher, tauren priest

Besides my taurens, the toons I'll play at least for their professions in Dragonflight are my priest (tailoring/enchanting), rogue (alchemy), warrior (blacksmithing), and shaman (leatherworking).  My paladin is my jewelcrafter, and the druid is a scribe.  The hunter is, as ever, my engineer.

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